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About Us

Located at 2425 Grays Ferry Avenue, Devil’s Pocket Food & Spirits is the brainchild of restaurant lifers Andrew Wagner, and Marcus Versace.

Chef Andy cut his culinary teeth at Sonoma, then was executive chef at Jones until 2014.

Marcus met Andy in 2004, when he was bartending at Las Vegas Lounge. They quickly discovered that they were at the same David Lee Roth concert in 1986.

…good times.

They became friends sharing a love of VH fronted by DLR, heavy metal music, downhill skiing, food and beer.

For years, they talked about joining forces, not unlike a Food & Drink Voltron, but just couldn’t find the right spot.

Finally, in 2014, “The Pocket” found them.

With Devil’s Pocket, Chef Andy & ‘Coose’ set out to create a friendly, neighborhood tavern with an emphasis on fresh ingredients, local & craft beer, and consistently great food, drink, & service in a fun, light atmosphere.

…Oh, the name!

So, if you weren’t aware, the small neighborhood where Andy & Marcus set up shop has been historically referred to as Devil’s Pocket. Why? Well, “back in the day”, the local priests were heard saying the neighborhood kids were so bad they would steal the watch out of the devil’s pocket.

…Pretty skilled kids, if you ask me.

We hope you enjoy Devil’s Pocket as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.